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Promotional Marketing Materials: T-shirts, Mugs, Calendars

Reviews and comparisons of the top printing services offering promotional marketing materials.

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Printer Type Digital Digital Digital, Offset Digital, Offset Offset
Minimum Order Size 1 N/A 1 N/A N/A
Cost Per Order $18.95 N/A $9.49 N/A N/A
Minimum Order Size 1 1 1 N/A N/A
Cost Per Order $13.95 $9.99 $9.99 N/A N/A
Minimum Order Size 1 10 1 25 100
Cost Per Order $20.95 $24.95 $15.99 $524.94 $1089.95
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What are Promotional Marketing Materials?

Promotional marketing materials are less informational than paper marketing materials and are meant to be more functional and fun. These materials are usually handed out at conferences and conventions, job fairs, or promotional events and parties.  They can also be used as gifts or prizes.

The online printing services we’ve reviewed on this site offer the following types of promotional marketing materials: t-shirts, mugs, calendars, gift certificates, hats, keychains, magnets, pens and more. They range in price, but you can usually find a good deal online for these items.


Custom t-shirts are a very popular and fun way to market your business to customers. You can print t-shirts for your employees and team members to wear around the office, or you can give them out to customers and clients as prizes or gifts. The t-shirt printing services we’ve reviewed let you design your own t-shirt with your company logo, graphics and any images you want to include. You can also upload a design you already have and simply select your colors and sizes. Use our chart above to compare t-shirt printing services.


Coffee mugs are useful for pretty much anyone who works in an office. (We had our own creative office mugs contest at ChooseWhat, and it was a hit!) Custom mugs make the perfect promotional item for customers and business contacts, who’ll be reminded of your business every time they have a hot drink. Check out our chart above to see online printing services that offer custom mug printing.


Calendars are great for businesses that need to keep track of dates, appointments and schedules, especially health and wellness offices, spa and beauty salons, therapy or counseling centers, or any other type of business. They also make great gifts. There are different types of calendars you can order, such as wall calendars (that look like booklets), poster calendars (that are poster-sized) and card calendars (that someone could easily keep in their wallet or purse).  Check out our chart above to see online printing services that offer custom calendar printing.

Who Should Use Promotional Marketing Materials?

You should use promotional marketing materials if you want to

  • Promote your business or brand to prospective customers in your local area
  • Promote your business at conferences, conventions or job fairs
  • Promote your business at an event or party
  • Launch contests for your customers and need prizes to give away
  • Give inexpensive gifts to your customers and business contacts to build relationships

How to Use Our Promotional Marketing Materials Comparison & Reviews

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