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Create Design from Scratch -
Use Your Existing Design
Printer Type Digital Digital, Offset Digital Digital Digital, Offset
Minimum Order Size 1 1 N/A 1 1
Cost Per Order $48.95 $41.99 N/A $95.99 $79.95
Lawn Signs          
Minimum Order Size 1 1 N/A 1 N/A
Cost Per Order $15.95 $11.99 N/A $33.99 N/A
Minimum Order Size N/A 1 1 1 25
Cost Per Order N/A $19.99 $9.95 $67.99 $1214.16
Other Materials Available          
Bumper Stickers -
Car Door Magnets - -
Window Decals - -
Professional Design Help - - -
PDF Proof - -
Standard Shipping Time 4-8 Bus. Days 14 Bus. Days 4-7 Bus. Days 7 Bus. Days 4 Bus. Days
Faster Shipping Options 2-Day, 3-Day 3-Day, 7-Day 1-Day, 2-Day 3-Day 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day
Customer Support Phone, email, live chat Phone, email, live chat Phone, email Phone, email Phone, email

What are Signs & Banners?

Signs and banners are important for businesses that need signage around their shops, anticipate having promotional events or launch parties, or plan to participate in conferences and conventions. Signs and banners can also be used on or around brick-and-mortar stores to direct passersby and potential customers to the store. Signs and banners from specialty shops typically cost a lot, but small business owners can take advantage of lower prices from using online printing services.

The services we’ve reviewed on the site offer the following types of signs and banners: banners, lawn signs, posters, bumper stickers, car door magnets, window decals and more.


Banners are usually printed on vinyl in a horizontal layout. Most banner printing services feature standard banner sizes, but some services let you create custom banners (including non-standard vertical layouts) and specify the exact size you want. The prices for banners depend on the size you select, but the price can be as low as $20 per banner. Compare banner prices in our chart above.

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs (also called “yard signs”) are usually printed on metal or corrugated plastic material that is durable, water-proof, and weather-proof. Most lawn sign printing services feature standard sign sizes, but some services let you specify the exact size you want. The prices for banners depend on the size you select, but the price can be as low as $20 per sign. Compare cheap yard signs in our chart above.


Posters are usually printed on paper or card stock with a matte or glossy finish. Some services also offer thicker posters called “poster signs” that are printed on PVC board for a high quality look. Posters have a wide variety of uses for business owners, from regular signage purposes to gifts for customers. The prices for posters depend on the size you select and how many posters you order at one time. Most services let you order custom posters for an additional fee. Compare poster printing services in our chart above.

Who Should Use Signs & Banners?

You should use signs and banners if you want to

  • Put signage on or around your store to direct customers to it
  • Hold a promotional event or party and want to advertise your company or brand
  • Promote your business at conventions, conferences or job fairs
  • Promote your business at any outdoor or public place

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