PrintLion Letterhead, Greeting Card, and Envelope Printing Review |

Print Lion Comparison and Review


  • Professional design help available
  • Mailing service available (The provider will print, address, and mail the products for you.)
  • Standard shipping time of 4 business days (Market Standard is one week)
  • Faster shipping options available: Next Day, 2-Day, 3-Day


  • Difficult to upload design
  • Minimum order size of 500 for letterhead (Market Standard is 250 items)


Print Lion offers low cost promotional materials, stationery and signs and banners, and they offer average-priced paper marketing materials. They don’t offer many promotional materials, but they do offer calendars. Print Lion only lets you upload and print a design you’ve already created and does not offer a design tool to help you create your design. We found it somewhat difficult to upload your design, since your file must be in PDF or EPS form or you’ll have to fill out a form to have your order processed manually. Print Lion is one of the few providers that offer professional design help and a mailing service (i.e. they will print, address, and mail the products for you). Print Lion has larger than average minimum order sizes, which start at 500 for brochures, flyers, postcards, letterhead and posters.

We found their customer support to high quality. Print Lion has a standard shipping time of 4 business days, which is faster than our Market Standard shipping time of one week. 

Design and Printing

Print Lion lets you upload your existing design with any file type, but PDF and EPS are preferred. We found uploading a design to be difficult. If your file is not in PDF or EPS form, you may have to fill out a form and have it processed manually. Print Lion does not provide predesigned templates or allow you to create your own design. Print Lion does provide downloadable templates so that you can create your design with your own software to upload. Professional help is available for design. Email Print Lion for a quoted price on design.

Print Lion offers digital printing and not offset printing. Offset printing is a process in which a plate makes an inked impression on a rubber-blanketed cylinder, which in turn transfers it to the paper. Offset printing offers higher image quality, is more cost effective when ordering large quantities, and is better for larger prints. Digital printing is a process in which the data and images are printed directly from the computer onto paper. It has shorter turnaround time, is more cost effective when ordering small quantities, and is better for customized printing.


Print Lion offers letterhead in order sizes of 500-20,000, which does not meet our Market Standard minimum order size of 250. Letterhead is printed on cotton bond stock. An order of 500 costs $160.84. The price per item gets cheaper as you order more items.

Greeting Cards

Print Lion offers greeting cards in order sizes of 25-10,000, which meets our Market Standard minimum order size. 25 greeting cards cost $39.60, and the price per card decreases as order size increases. Greeting cards are printed on glossy or UV finished paper. Double-sided printing is available for an additional $5.93 for 25 cards. 


Print Lion offers envelopes in order sizes of 250-100,000, which meets our Market Standard minimum order size. 250 envelopes cost $37.67, and the price per envelope decreases with order size.


Standard shipping takes 4 business days, which meets our Market Standard of one week, and costs $14.61 for letterhead, $12.25 for greeting cards, and $13.46 for envelopes. Note that all listed shipping costs may vary by location. Expedited shipping is also available: 3-day, 2-day, or next day shipping.

Proofs & Samples

Print Lion meets our Market Standard by offering both free PDF proofs of your order as well as free paper samples upon request.

Additional Stationery

In addition to letterhead, greeting cards and envelopes, Print Lion offers folders and notepads.

Customer Support

Phone, email, and live chat customer support are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. We experienced no wait times with live chat or phone support, and email support responded within half an hour of our inquiry. Customer support was high quality. Print Lion offers a money-back guarantee, which meets our Market Standard.

Create Design from Scratch -
Use Provider's Design -
Use Your Existing Design
Download Blank Templates
Printer Type Digital
Minimum Order Size 500
Cost Per Order $160.84
Price Per Letterhead $0.32
Greeting Cards
Minimum Order Size 25
Cost Per Order $39.60
Price Per Greeting Card $1.58
Minimum Order Size 250
Cost Per Order $37.67
Price Per Envelope $0.15
Other Materials Available
Address Labels -
Invitiations -
Rubber Stamps -
Samples and Shipping
Professional Design Help
PDF Proof
Mailing Service
Standard Shipping Time 4 Bus. Days
Faster Shipping Options 1-Day, 2-Day
Customer Support Phone, email, live chat