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What are Paper Marketing Materials?

Paper marketing materials are the most popular form of marketing materials because they are informational, relatively cheap to create, and easily distributed to customers, business partners and investors.

The online printing services we’ve reviewed on this site offer the following types of printed marketing materials: brochures, flyers, postcards, business cards, catalogs, door hangers, menus, sales sheets and table tents and more.


Brochures are utilized by many businesses because they’re fairly inexpensive to produce and can include a lot of information. They can be distributed to customers door-to-door or by mail, or displayed at the front of your store. Brochures are also typically part of marketing packages that you can submit to potential investors. They are usually tri-folded pieces of paper, but there are a few different brochure styles and fold options you can select. The companies in the chart above offer cheap brochure printing, as well as other printing services. 


Like brochures, business flyers are inexpensive, informational, and can be distributed to many people easily. Flyers are typically used to promote events or products, but you can use them for any number of purposes. There are different styles of flyers, including paper business flyers, club or event flyers (that are usually smaller than average and have a glossy finish) or die-cut flyers (that are specially shaped). The companies in the chart above offer cheap flyer printing, as well as other printing services. 


Postcards can be used in the same ways that brochures and flyers are used to promote your business. Postcards are also a very inexpensive and effective option for direct mail marketing. In addition to printing services, some of the companies in the chart above also offer a “mailing service,” which means that they’ll mail your postcards to your customers and contacts for you. The companies in the chart above offer cheap postcard printing, as well as other printing services. 

Who Should Use Paper Marketing Materials?

You should use paper marketing materials if you want to

  • Inform your customers about your business quickly
  • Put together a marketing package for investors in order to get funding
  • Actively get more customers by distributing your paper materials in your local area
  • Promote your upcoming event, new store or product
  • Promote your business at conferences, conventions or job fairs

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Need to Order Business Cards?

Business cards are such an important type of marketing material that we’ve created a whole review and comparison section for them! If you’re interested in ordering business cards only, or you’re looking for more in-depth information about that product, then head over to our Business Cards Comparison & Review Section.